'The Forever Legends'

'The Forever Legends' brand is a storytelling sandbox crossing all genres, created to tell tales of escapism with purpose, aimed at the PG 13/14A market. These uplifting and inspirational tales are designed with the hope of awakening the hero in all of us. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

'The Acrotheos' is a tale of love, adventure, tragedy and triumph set in a fictionalized, fantasy infused 350BC Ancient Greece. Drawing on various cultural mythologies from around the globe, it is 'Aladdin meets epic fantasy-styled visuals, with a touch of Indiana Jones/Firefly adventure and humor'.

When the evil kingpin Archaleus takes Kallisto's soul hostage, her lover Praxiteles and a small entourage must leave the Ancient Greek city state of Korinthos on a quest for an artifact known as the Acrotheos. This powerful relic, forged in the age of the Titans, has the power to change the balance of this realm and the next. For that reason, the gods chose to separate and entrust the elements of the Acrotheos to three immortal Guardians. Our Heroes will be tested at every turn, by allies and enemies alike, forcing them to weigh the soul of one person against the fate of the world.

'Home' is a tale of exploration, friendship, love, and bridging the divide with those in opposition to us.

In the distant future, in the far reaches of the galaxy, we learn that we are not alone...