'The Acrotheos' - Characters


- an orphaned street thief that was taken in as a youngster by Damianos and his daughter Kallisto. He's carefree and headstrong, and dreams of crossing the horizon with Kallisto by his side. His street smarts, quick wit, genuine skill in the art of thievery, and congenial nature allow him to get away with far more than he should... until today.


- vibrant and beautiful, Kallisto loves her father, her life as it is, and Praxiteles. Damianos has managed to keep her somewhat sheltered from the way of the world. It has left her with an innocent heart and a strong sense of justice… one that never seems to apply to Praxiteles' work on the streets. She is a firm believer in self-sacrifice for the greater good.


- an Egyptian warrior woman who lived over a hundred years ago. At that time, she and her lover Olekles, had been sent on a mission by Archaleus - the same mission that Praxiteles and the Questers find themselves embarking on now. That first mission was a catastrophe. Olekles was mortally wounded and in a rage, Archaleus blamed Baatory for their failure. He stole her soul, pushing it into supernatural realm to be forgotten. Now, the tyrant has called her spirit back to the world of the living for a second chance, giving Baatory possession of Kallisto's body.


- a man torn between the pleasures of the flesh, the drink, and gambling. Raised near a small village, Argos left to nurture his need for adventure and explore more fertile grounds. Reaching the city of Korinthos, he soon found himself waking from a long night of debauchery, as a fresh recruit in the Korinthian Guard, while the voluptuous inspiration for his newfound sense of duty was nowhere to be found. Now a formidable warrior, 4 years into a 12 year tour of service, he's a man questioning himself and the legacy that he's destined to leave behind.


- Themelokles never knew his father. He caught the attention of Archaleus due to his size. Soon after, he began working for the kingpin as an enforcer, despite his normally gentle nature. Archaleus became the closest thing to a father figure that the boy would ever have. Now, as Archaleus' most trusted employee, he has been tasked with guiding the Questers on their mission. Themelokles will repay that trust with continued loyalty and service.


- the tyrant kingpin of the Dark Quarter of Korinthos. His ties to politicians keep him safe from the police while his band of thugs protect him from threats on the street. A demigod, his lineage has left him in constant pain and as such, he has been desperately trying to purify his mixed blood for over three hundred years.


- Hala is a spy appointed by both Hades and Zeus to keep an eye on Archaleus. A shape-shifter, she can take the form of any living person or creature by touching it. Once she does so, her body will store that form indefinitely so that she can use that identity again, at any time. It's a perilous job and her true form bears black scars on her pale white skin as proof of what happens when spies get caught.


- Salamus is the captain of the Boromos, a trireme in the Korithian Navy. He's a true sailor; a man who loves his crew, his ship and the sea. Everyone else be damned... unless they have money. The occasional pirate and mercenary, he's surprisingly jovial and welcoming to guests aboard his ship. Today, Archaleus will arrange for Salamus to escort the Questers to an island in the first stop on their mission.