The Forever Legends and The Acrotheos team would like to give special thanks for their support during this project. Without you folks, we couldn't have gone to play make believe in Ancient Greece. We are humbled and grateful.

James Clark Petr Prusa Jared Qwustenuxun Williams
Ash Chandler-Pease Steve Gosling David James Anderson
Dan Godwin Dustin Malfait Fiona Grace Chambers
Bob Mitchell Sr. The Askew Family Jesse Roper
Grant Campbell Pete MacDonald Ryan Senechal
Randall Carnell Eric Lamontagne Les Bland

'The Forever Legends', Core Creative Team

A.J. King
The voice behind the story, the screenwriter, producer, the project's director, production designer, pre-viz artist, visual effects supervisor... A.J. comes from the film & tv industry, having contributed visual effects work to television shows such as 'Alias', 'Lost', and 'Fringe'. A formally trained screenwriter, A.J. originates from Vancouver Island. He joined Ragnarock Studios in early 2014.

Alex Panagopoulos
A contributor to the story, a producer, a cast member, the fight choreographer, an all-around ringleader... Alex has an active hand in almost all aspects of 'The Forever Legends' project. He has spent 7 years in business development and the film industry. Hailing from Nova Scotia, where he studied psychology, classical history, and anthropology, Alex found his way to Metchosin on the west coast of Vancouver Island to spearhead Ragnarock Studios.

Shane Archer
Our third producer also fills the role of camera operator, director of photography, and data wrangler. Shane has lead tight teams of professional videographers through numerous audio/visual events for internationally renowned clients. A Ryerson graduate, Shane returned to Vancouver Island to help build local industry.


Jim Sinclair Praxiteles
Camille Janicki Kalisto/Baatory
Alex K. Panagopoulos Argos
Tyler Hughes   Themelokles
Christopher Mackie Archaleus
Taylor Mar   Captain Salamus
Michelle Papadopolous   Princess Ellsann
J. Michael Kent   Rho'ad the Mercenary
Deirdre Tipping   Market Vendor
Ayla Leckenby   Blind Girl in Market
Jana & Steven Bowcott, Samara Leckenby   Hala
Anna Lamontagne   Child 1 (Trailer Narration)
Abigail Lamontagne   Child 2 (Trailer Narration)
Norman Nelson   Librarian (Trailer Narration)
Robert J. Whittle   Librarian (Additional Trailer Narration)
Maureen McCann   Oracle (Teaser Trailer Narration)


Ryan LeBlanc Market Guard 1
Jonathan Wright   Market Guard 2
Shannon Carmen   Flirty Girl
Teryl Webb   Harpy
Jim Sinclair   Basilisk
Teryl Webb   Archaleus Female Guard 1
Eleni Orchard   Archaleus Female Guard 2
Troy Gardezzi   Archaleus Male Guard 1
Mirco Sherper   Archaleus Male Guard 2
Lauren Boulanger   Apple Stall Vendor
Wren Dawson   Apple Stall Girl
Jose Araujo   Market Customer 1
Michele List   Market Customer 2
Megan Gariepy   Market Customer 3
Aidan Southin   Market Customer 4
Taylor Southin   Market Customer 5
Jennifer Holland   Horse Whipserer


Shane Archer   DOP/A Cam Op
Karl Scheopp   Gaffer/Steadicam Op/B Cam Op
Mike Bassett   Grip
Ian Lambert   Best Boy
Adam Andrusiak   Location Sound
Laurie Granberg   Makeup
Jennifer Peddle   Makeup
Evelyn Chisolm   Hair/Makeup
Audrey Yap   Makeup Assistant
Paul Archer   SFX Makeup
Shannon Carmen   Wardrobe
Teryl Webb   Wardrobe
Astra Crompton   Concept Artist (wardrobe)
Michelle Papadopolous   Illustrator
Albertine La Chance   Propmaster
Bob Mitchell   Key Construction
Jonathan Wright   Construction
Jake Winter   Construction
Taylor Mar   Construction
Aaron Elliot   Colourist
Alexander Brendan Ferguson   Score (Teaser Trailer)
David Cliffe   Score (Trailer)
Eric Lamontagne   Post Production Audio
Chantal Gervais   Production Assistant
Lucas Erskine   BTS/Stills
Alex Miller   BTS Production Assistant
Aerial footage provided by   Aerial Solutions
Additional BTS aerial footage provided by   Flybeye Productions